LiNA McCartney Tube™

The LiNA McCartney Tube™ is a unique single use device to be used during Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy. This new innovative product, improves the outcome of Minimally Invasive Gynecology

The LiNA McCartney Tube™ is a game changing device in many ways:

First, the special design of the instrument facilitates improved visualization and reduces tumor seeded contamination risks during removal.

Furthermore the soft curvature acts as a safe guide during sectioning of the uterus and ensures no trauma to the tissue, whilst the airtight valves prevent loss of pneumoperitoneum after colpotomy.

The tube can also be used as a reservoir for specimens during surgery. Additionally, the tube provides a convenient entry for needle and suture into the pelvis for fast and simple suturing of the vaginal vault.

In the following section you will learn more about the features and advantages the LiNA McCartney Tube™ has to offer.


  • Maintains pneumoperitoneum after colpotomy.
  • Protects the ureters from trauma during surgery.
  • Identifies where to safely seal and divide the uterine vessels.
  • Provides a clear template for bladder dissection and colpotomy.
  • Improved vizualisation designed for a more safe procedure.


  • Lid with 5 mm & 10 mm valves that prevents loss of pneumoperitoneum and enables insertion of instruments.
  • Fast and simple laparoscopic suturing technique of the vaginal vault. Delivers a convenient entry and exit for needle and suture and presents the vaginal edges for laparoscopic closure.
  • The LiNA McCartney Tube has a handle to control tube positioning during procedures.


  • Easy removal of specimen, e.g. the uterus, lymph nodes and ovarian cysts.
  • Tip withstands both electrosurgical and ultrasonic energy.
  • The soft curvature is designed for atraumatic insertion and anatomic fit.