CareBag® Vomit Bag with Super Absorbent Pad


Turns body fluids into gel and locks in bad odors


Device for excreta collection with drawstring ties, equipped with a super absorbent pad (capacity approx. 16 oz or 450 ml of body fluids, 0.9% saline equivalent).

CareBag® Vomit bag locks in vomit and avoids usual nuisances: odors, splashes, linen or vehicle soiling. With its closing system and a super absorbent pad, CareBag® Vomit bag prevents the spread of germs in case of infection.

Aware of the need for a good monitoring of the patient, we offer you Cleanis precision scale, to measure body waste and diuresis when necessary. Practical and easy to use, this scale is already pre-calibrated for the weighing of CareBag® Vomit Bag and it exists also for the weighing of CareBag® Male Urinal and CareBag® Bedpan Liner.

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  • Avoids dispersion of microorganisms
  • Securely collects vomit, infectious or not
  • Splash free
  • Protects your vehicle, your bed and surroundings
  • Provides discretion and convenience to the user
  • Neutralizes bad odors


Delivery Note

“All orders of 250.00 SRA or more are eligible for free delivery in main cities (Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam)”
“All orders less than 250.00 SAR will be charged 20.00 SAR for delivery”


Ideal for

  • Interventions and emergency transportation
  • Hospital:
    • Emergency room
    • Recovery room
    • Intensive care units
    • Oncology
    • Geriatrics
    • Resuscitation area
  • Motion sickness, dizziness, pregnancy, etc.


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