CareBag® Travel Kit with Super Absorbent Pad


Ref. : Pack x 3 : 9538557

A smart kit for small snags!


This travel kit is intended for children and adults suffering from motion sickness. In pocket format, it is the accomplice of handbags and glove compartements.

It is composed of :

  • 3 vomit bags with odor and liquid absorbing system (up to 450 ml)
  • 3 pre-moistened wipes with cleansing lotion to refresh the child and to continue the road peacefully


  • Avoids vehicle and bed cleaning
  • Provides discretion and convenience to the user
  • Neutralizes bad odors

[Currently not available in the USA]


  • Motion Sickness
  • Pregnancy, vertigo, nausea…
  • Concerned parents will buy it and put it in the bag or the glove compartment