CareBag® Eco Bag with Super Absorbent Pad


Ref. : 1 pack = 200 bags + 200 super absorbent pads: 9829177

An economic pack for all purposes


This economic product incorporates 200 liners + 200 super absorbent pads (approx capacity. 450 ml of urine). It is universal because it can be used on multiple applications: WC Box, bedpan, commode chair …

Liners and super absorbent pads of CareBag® Eco Bag pack are universal. They can be used on various applications:

  • WC Box
  • Folding WC Kit
  • Standard WC bowl
  • Bedpan
  • Commode chair pail


  • Avoids soiling
  • Averts microorganism dispersion
  • Neutralizes bad odors

[Currently not available in the USA]


  • For all purposes
  • Economic version

Ideal for

  • For all purposes