CareBag® Eco Bag with Super Absorbent Pad


Ref. : 1 pack = 200 bags + 200 super absorbent pads: 9829177

An economic pack for all purposes


This economic product incorporates 200 liners + 200 super absorbent pads (approx capacity. 450 ml of urine). It is universal because it can be used on multiple applications: WC Box, bedpan, commode chair …

Liners and super absorbent pads of CareBag® Eco Bag pack are universal. They can be used on various applications:

  • WC Box
  • Folding WC Kit
  • Standard WC bowl
  • Bedpan
  • Commode chair pail


  • Avoids soiling
  • Averts microorganism dispersion
  • Neutralizes bad odors

[Currently not available in the USA]

Delivery Note

“All orders of 250.00 SRA or more are eligible for free delivery in main cities (Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam)”
“All orders less than 250.00 SAR will be charged 20.00 SAR for delivery”



  • For all purposes
  • Economic version

Ideal for

  • For all purposes


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