CareBag® Male Urinal with Super Absorbent Pad


Ref. : Box of 3: 9610139 – Box of 20: 7733993

Turns urine into gel and locks in bad odors


Device for excreta collection with drawstring ties, equipped with a super absorbent pad (capacity approx. 16 oz or 450 ml of body fluids, 0.9% saline equivalent).

CareBag® Male Urinal replaces plastic urinal. No more spills and contamination of bed sheets! With its closing system and absorbent pad, CareBag® Male Urinal captures bad odors, and turns urine into gel. CareBag® Male Urinal allows men of all ages to urinate discreetly in all circumstances: in bed, wheelchair, trip, car…

Aware of the need for a good monitoring of the patient, we offer you Cleanis precision scale, to measure body waste and diuresis when necessary. Practical and easy to use, this scale is already pre-calibrated for the weighing of CareBag® Male Urinal and it exists also for the weighing of CareBag® Vomit Bag and CareBag® Bedpan Liner.

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  • Replaces the plastic urinal
  • Allows to urinate in all circumstances (bed, wheelchair, trip, car …)
  • Avoids soiling
  • Averts microorganism dispersion
  • Neutralizes bad odors


  • Replaces the plastic urinal
  • Especially used in case of isolation, emergencies, urology, dialysis, long-stay, oncology, intensive care, palliative care (to limit the use of diapers)

Ideal for

  • Hospital:
    • Rehabilitation Services
    • Patient isolation
    • Emergency Medical Services
    • Resuscitation area
  • Home Care
  • Nursing Homes