LiNA Bipolar Loop™

LiNA Bipolar Loop™ for Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy (LSH) and Subserosal Pedunculated Myomectomy

The LiNA Bipolar Loop™ is the latest addition to the LiNA Loop portfolio. The LiNA Bipolar Loop™ is a safe and effective single-use bipolar loop for amputation of the uterus during Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy (LSH) and resection of myomas.

The LiNA Bipolar Loop reduces surgery time used for amputation of the uterus to a few seconds! It ensures a clean cut of the cervix, leaving a clean hemostatic surface with minimal bleeding eliminating the need for post-coagulation. Furthermore, the LiNA Bipolar Loop is ideal for removal of myomas located outside the wall of the uterus (subserous pedunculated).

The LiNA Bipolar Loop is available in 3 loop sizes:

  • Standard: 160mm x 80mm
  • Large: 200mm x 100mm
  • X-large: 240mm x 120 mm

In this section you can learn more about the outstanding features and advantages:

Safety – Low energy, high effect

  • New bipolar technology offers immediate cutting action and improved safety with only 55-70 watts of energy.
  • Visualization is aided by a new protective ceramic tip, allowing for optimum accuracy in loop positioning.
  • The ceramic tip in conjunction with the gold insulation isolates the cutting action to the tissue between the two electrodes only.
  • No neutral/grounding plate is needed.

Speed – Clean cut in seconds

  • Bipolar energy enables an instant cut with limited smoke generation by the high efficiency use of only 55-70 watts.
  • Cut and coagulation in one step leaves a clean hemostatic surface, which reduces the need for further coagulation of the cervical stump or peduncle.

Simplicity – No special generator required

  • Compatible with nearly all standard bipolar ESU’s to assure a quick and easy setup.
  • The LiNA Bipolar Loop is supplied with a fixed 2-pin 4mm male bipolar plug (with 29mm distance) or an EU-connector