GelMax® ULTRA Super-Absorbent Mat


Ref. : Box of 100: 9520241 – 72x37cm

Super-absorbent mat with high absorption capacity for operation room – Up to 9L


In hospital, working in a clean, dry environment is mandatory.
When high quantities of liquids are involved, the use of floor mats with a high absorption capacity is recommended.
By doing so:

  • The working environment gets drier, more hygienic, safer and more pleasant
  • Reduction of cleaning cost and time saving are obtained
  • As rotation time is considerably reduced, more operations can be performed.

Single use GelMax® mats absorb blood, cleaning solutions (rinsing liquid), urine, body fluids quickly and effectively.

GelMax® Ultra is a super-absorbent, hygienic, single-use mat which quickly absorbs blood, cleaning solutions (liquid and rinsing), urine and other body fluids which may be present in the operating room.

It is possible to place GelMax® Ultra in front of the feet of medical team. GelMax® Ultra is packed into plastic bag to hang on hooks in the operating room to have an easy access to them, and particularly suited for important flows.


  • Does not leak nor drip
  • Has a high capacity of absorption
  • Captures fluids and contributes to the fight against infections during operations or examinations by confining biological liquids
  • Insures a dryer, more hygienic, safer and pleasant working environment
  • Allows a time and cost saving on cleaning process
  • Reduces rotation time considerably, allowing more operations to be done

[Currently not available in the USA]


Particularly recommended for:
– Operating room
– In examination rooms for an effective absorption of all kind of liquids (cleaning solutions, etc.)

! – Do not stand on it

Ideal for

  • Hospital:
    • Arthroscopy
      Gynaecology obstretics
      Sterilization room