CareBag® : Cleanis Solution in Waste Management.

CareBag® is a device for excreta collection with drawstring ties, in a size suitable for the required application, and equipped with a super-absorbent pad for single use.

The device confines excretas, the pad gelifies them for greater safety – no dispersions, soiling nor contamination of the environment or the container (bedpan, bucket…). It is disposed in the regular waste or hazardous waste if indicated*.

  • Absorbs and gelifies up to 450 ml /16 oz of body fluids (0.9% saline equivalent)
  • Neutralizes bad odors through both a chemical action (the polymers in the pad slow down the transformation of urea into ammonia) and a mechanical action (sealing of the device)**
  • Improves hygienic conditions while allowing cost and time saving

*The standard product is compliant with the legislation in terms of pollution risk after incineration and does not release any chlorine derivative liable to form dioxin.

**According to Cleanis methodology (see videos)