Aqua® Outdoor Waterless Wash Glove


Waterless, fast bathing in all circumstances


Pre-moistened, single-use wash glove, suitable for soap-free bathing without rinsing or wiping. Aqua® Outdoor is a convenient solution when water availability is limited.

Aqua® Sensitive waterless wash glove is:

  • Made of a very resistant, non-woven embossed material, extremely soft
  • Pre-moistened on both sides with a hypoallergenic cleansing lotion*
  • Dermatologically tested: it doesn’t contain paraben, alcohol, nor soap
  • Designed for outdoor activities: hikers, campers, sailors…

It can also be used after sports or festive events, for isolated workers, as well as in emergency situations (natural disasters, NGOs, military maneuvers …).

* formulated to minimize allergic reactions


A complete and fast bathing:
> Without use of water nor soap
> Without basin, rinsing nor drying
> Delicate to the skin

[Currently not available in the USA]


  • Recommended for:
    • After sports
    • During outdoor activities

Ideal for

  • Recommended for Outdoor
    • Sport
    • Hiking
    • Camping
    • Water sports
  • Sport or festive events